Friday, April 19, 2013

4th Year Film Update #2

     Mission accomplished!  I finally finished my film, well to be honest I was finished on April 5th, and I've been trying to complete the last remaining milestones (Demo Reel, Portfolio, etc).  Unfortunately, I don't have much in the realm of visual development due to fully devoting my time to finishing this film.  I will be submitting my film to some festivals so I won't be able to post my film online just yet.  

     I really can't wait to start another film, but this time I'll go through the proper pipeline now that I know what to do.  My final year in Sheridan is coming to a close, to any of my classmates reading this, it's been great!

EDIT:  I got into TAAFI!  Click here to see what their all about!

Final Promotional Poster - Full View Please!

Process - Incase anyone was interested

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